Amber Glass Bottle with Dropper

  • Amber glass bottles in the traditional Boston round style. The amber glass bottles provide UV protection for light sensitive components, assisting with keeping your products maintained when storing.
  • Black phenolic caps with cone lined caps include an LDPE cone that fits snuggly into the neck of the amber glass bottles providing an added layer of sealing while closed. 
  • Clear glass dropper pipette with rubber bulb
  • Black rubber bulb to control the portion-one squeeze is roughly 1ml of liquid

These are the most popular bottles for water and alcohol based liquids intended to be consumed directly-the dropper bulb is convenient for both home and travel.

Please not that oil preparations may eventually weaken the rubber bulb--for long term oil storage, see the Amber Bottle with Cap: https://herbiary.com/amber-glass-bottle-with-cap/?ctk=1ca1bf54-e517-4811-aab1-65500d5ed374

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