Good for humans

isn’t good enough.

At Herbiary we  hand pick products that are good for you…. and good for the planet.

Before it hits our shelves, it hits our showers, tea cups, and aromatherapy diffusers.

It’s gotta feel sublime, smell delicious, and taste… well, okay there’s nothing we can do about those nasty but effective herbal tinctures, but our teas and syrups are yum-a-liscious.

And our essential oils? Aficionados and collectors, not to mention healers, consider our essential oils their best kept secret (need to run off and shop essential oils? Go on, we're used to it! Click here.)


We’re Maia Toll & Andrew Celwyn,

partners in all sorts of things including business.


Fun facts about us:

  • We met on
  • Before getting married...Andrew bought Maia a tiny leather-bound herbal from the 1700s...then broke up with her!
  • Maia spent a full year studying under a real deal Medicine Woman in Ireland (the act that precipitated said break-up).
  • We’re doing our happily-ever-after although Maia, not a fan of the institution of marriage, keeps lobbying for divorce so we can live in sin.

Fun facts about Herbiary:

  • Maia started Herbiary in a tiny space in Philadelphia. 7 foot by 14 foot tiny.... and that included the bathroom!
  • Herbiary was called The Apothecary Garden until we learned that you can’t use the word “apothecary" in Pennsylvania unless you’re a pharmacist (seriously, I mean seriously).
  • People hang out at our shops. They spend their lunch breaks in our shops. Our quirky, savvy, and all around awesome staff think fluffing the juju in said shops is part of their job description... and we will never tell them otherwise!

We can’t change the world alone.

Trust me, we’ve tried: we’ve recycled everything, bought organic, bought local, drove a grease car (a 30 year old Mercedes diesel we ran on vegetable grease. Which was pretty cool, until we needed to drive up a hill. Putt….putt….puuuuuuttttttt. We’ve given up on that experiment).

Saving the world is a multi-person mission.

Which is why we’re committed to nurturing people who nurture the planet: from our farmers & suppliers, to our employees to you. Together we can make a difference

Because extinction stinks.


Our stores:

Philadelphia came first and we love the life and vibrancy of our primo spot in Reading Terminal Market.  Come shop with us, then grab a fabulous lunch or pick up some organic groceries at one of the other great Market vendors!

Asheville came next 'cause they didn’t have an herb store. They needed us. They begged, on their tie-dyed knees. Kidding! Except the part about Asheville not having an herb shop before Herbiary. And Asheville? Best. city. ever.


Maia’s Other Mission:

Still here? Fabulous!

While I’ve got your attention, I blog over at Through the study of botanicals, I’ve discovered a deep well of intuition, a devotion to serendipity, and a love for Earth Medicine. Which is why I started The Night School: an online community of people deepening themselves and their relationship to the world around us. Best news? It’s free! Join us here.

My greatest joy is being an author and sharing the magic of the natural world through words and images. Check out my books The Illustrated Herbiary, The Illustrated Bestiary and keep an eye out for The Illustrated Crystallary (which will be released in September 2020).

Now quit reading and go shop! It’s how we keep these fine people employed.