While on the surface Maia Toll’s Herbiary is simply a neighborhood herb shop serving an international crowd, its secret mission is to make you fall in  love: with fragrance, with texture, with taste, with the plants, and (ultimately!) with yourself.

Because that’s how it happened for Maia...

She was living in a country house in Ireland where, just off the kitchen there was a little room fondly called “the herb closet.” The herb closet was a  pantry full-to-overflowing with dried calendula petals from the garden and hawthorn berries gathered from the fields; bath salts and olive oils and great big jars of tinctures setting up; there was dandelion wine and elderberry syrup; dried mugwort for burning and, oddly, little vials of water gathered from
countryside wells. Not a meal went by, nor a sore throat, nor bath, when Maia wasn’t sent to fetch something from the herb closet: rosemary for the soup, a soothing marshmallow tea, a bit of essential oil to scent the tub.

The herb closet was magic – it brought all of nature inside and made it part of everyday life.

Maia Toll’s Herbiary delivers this magic right to your doorstep –

Peppermint tea still singing of sunsets… Lavender remembering the hummingbirds and bumble bees… Rosemary grown on a friend’s farm… Nettles gathered on an early spring dawn… Mushrooms and garlic and ginger for zing...

Our hope is that you’ll create your own “herb closet,” a little corner of magic right in your own home – that you’ll stand in front of jars full of rose petals and bottles of tulsi syrup, nettle sea salt, and extracts of thyme, and you’ll feel the wisdom of the natural world rising around you and the buzz of creativity thrumming in your chest. From there it’s a small step to making every cup of tea a dance of devotion; every dinner, something sacred; every bath, a moment of connection.

Bringing You the Best!

Our partner farmers, wild crafters, herbal alchemists, and candle makers focus on provisions that are vibrant and alive. Our tinctures and glycerites are made right in the field, capturing the herbs at the height of potency. Whenever possible, our herbs and tea ingredients are sourced from nearby farms, using organic growing techniques and careful drying methods to preserve taste, scent and color. So whether you’re making dinner for friends, creating a craft cocktail, or pouring tea for a sweet night’s sleep, you are connecting and rooting deeply into the earth, remembering the sun and the wind and the wild world around you.

A little history...

Herbiary was born in 2006 from Maia’s nostalgia for that little herb closet in Ireland. Now, over a decade later, Maia and her partner Andrew have two shops - one in Philadelphia at the Reading Terminal Market and the other in Asheville, North Carolina. Don’t worry! If you can’t visit the shops, we are thrilled to deliver the magic right to your doorstep!

When not standing transfixed in front of her pantry, Maia writes books. Check out her award winning Wild Wisdom collection below.


The Magical World of Maia Toll

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