Ginger EO 5ml

Zingiber officinale from Madagascar

Fresh Ginger Essential Oil helps us light our inner fire and stay balanced in Fall and Winter. The warming power of Ginger purifies the body, stokes the digestive fires and eases our aches. 1 drop of ginger essential oil on each foot will travel through the body and is great for colds and flu. Melissa likes to add 1 drop of ginger to a cup of hot water to make a quick ginger tea. Or add 1 drop of ginger to a warming soup. 1 drop of Ginger is also fantastic in Eggnog. ooooo - and it "warms up" cold vanilla ice cream! - have you ever had Ginger ice cream at a great Japanese place? Ginger is great for "damp or deficient spleen in TCM so i like to do a warm ginger compress on my cold belly or feet at night before bed.

Fall is here the wind, the cold, the change it can be hard to stay grounded. Ginger, Eucalyptus, and Palmarosa Essential oils fight the cold, keep us grounded, ease our aches and helps bring vitality. Put 2 drops of each in ¼ oz of sesame oil and massage it into the surface of the body. Then hope into a hot shower and apply again. soooooooooooo great for the immune system! Enjoy!

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