Eucalyptus Radiata EO 5ml


Eucalyptus radiata is the second most commonly used and has the same benefits as Eucalyptus globulas but is less earthy and more similar to ravintsara in aroma.

The eucalyptus radiata is the best Eucalyptus species choice for use with children and infants. Putting this oil on children’s clothing can help prevent illness from entering their body as the aromas are deadly to many virus and bacteria.

Eucalyptus Radiata can be used and diffused daily, where Eucalyptus globulus has some ketones that are irritating and should be used in small doeses only when sick.

For children that are sick, put 5 drops on a warm washcloth (or cool if the child is hot) and place on chest (compress). also adding directly to the chest with lavender or tea tree is a nice, soothing easy breathing solution. Can also apply to bottom of children's feet with a little lavender as well.


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