Elestial Herkimer Diamonds


Herkimer Diamonds are a special quartz crystal that come from the Herkimer mine in NY. They have a powerful energy, great for healing and attuning, whether with your self, another or the divine. Its said they are a type of telepathic stone connecting you to the environment around you or to your highest self. People who use the akashic records often work with Herkimers to enhance the knowledge being received. The promote clarity and and can enhance and cleanse other stones.

The elestial characteristic of these Herkimers enhance their already high vibration. Elestials are said to attune one to the spiritual realm and greatly effluence healing. By rubbing your finger across one you are reading the stone and making a connection to the unseen realms of life. 

Not only are these Elestial Herkimers wonderful, the Queens of healing stones, but they are also just plain GORGEOUS! 

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