Chamomile, Roman EO 2ml


**Due to the preciousness and price of Chamomile, Roman essential oil, this 5 ml standard bottle contains 2 ml as noted on the label.

Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) by Melissa Farris, founder of Veriditas Botanicals

Roman Chamomile is known for being deeply soothing, calming, and has passed the tests of time for effectiveness for many health related troubles. It has a strong aroma which is unique with sweet, somewhat apple like scent. Roman Chamomile is very relaxing and reduces stress, anxiety, improves sleep, helps PMS, asthma, allergies, antispasmodic and calms hyperactivity. It is a safe, non-toxic, non-irritating essential oil good to use with pregnancy, children and the elderly. It can be used in baths, compresses, diffusers, direct inhalation, massage and skin care. Roman Chamomile has over a thousand years of use in herbalism and is very reliable and effective. Roman Chamomile is in the same family as Ragweed and some individuals with Ragweed allergies will be hypersensitive to Roman Chamomile.

Roman Chamomile can be used on its own or in blends for a wide variety of complaints. It has a soothing effect to the whole nervous system and can be used to alleviate insomnia, headaches, reduce stress, calm hyperactive children and adults. In the muscular system it is anti-inflammation, helps cramps and spasms, restless leg syndrome, relieves tense muscles and is good for sprains and bruises. Roman Chamomile is great for the skin and can be applied in cases of eczema, dermatitis, acne, fungal infection, wound healing and psoriasis. This wonder oil is a good women’s herb and helps with PMS, sore breasts, cramps and postpartum depression. Roman chamomile is soothing for the emotions and psyche and promotes inner peace, calm, reduces stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, nervousness and hyperactivity.

The essential oil is produced from the flowers and made using steam distillation. The essential oil is clear to yellow in color and rich in esters. Esters are chemical compounds which can be found in many essential oils made from flowers and it has calming, antispasmodic and skin healing properties.

Chamomile was used by the Saxons, Romans, ancient Greeks, and throughout the middle ages. To this day Roman Chamomile is still often planted as an aromatic and medicinal ground cover for lawns and gardens. The flowers were picked and dried and used in compress and tea for wound healing, antimicrobial and calming properties. Medieval monks used this perennial herb as ground cover to create healing gardens where emotionally unsettled persons could lay and find greater calm and peace. Currently its properties are well established and it is used in lotions, soaps, detergent, hair treatments, muscular and anti-inflammatory preparations.


Dry and Sensitive Skin:
Mix the following in equal parts into a glass bottle.
Roman Chamomile
This blend helps sooth and heal dry and sensitive skin.

Massage oil for sore muscles, spasms and tension:
4 drops Roman Chamomile
8 drops Peppermint
10 drops Lavender
5 drops Helichrysum
In 2 Oz of carrier oil.
This blend can be used for full body massage or self-massage into areas of tension, pain or spasm. The blend is powerfully anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, stress reducing and aids in quickening healing of soreness and tension.

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