Blue Tansy EO 2ml


Moroccan Blue Chamomile (Tanacetum annuum):

Moroccan Blue Chamomile is soothing and has a deep blue color unlike any other oil. Its scent is sweet, calming and deeply relaxing. The blue coloration is caused by a compound known as chamazulene which is known for its STRONG anti-inflamitory effects. In fact, Moroccan Blue Chamomile has more of this compound than any other essential oil on Earth! Blue Chamomile is a natural antihistamine which is effective for helping sooth hayfever, asthma and hives. It is powerfully anti-inflammatory, and soothes general skin irritation from rashes, bug bites, and calms allergic reaction to eczema and psoriasis. This species of Chamomile is perfect for all skin and most appropriate for dry skin and is non-irritating to sensitive skin. It has a mild antiseptic quality which is does not dry the skin making it a valuable tool for aromatherapists. It can be used in baths, compress, diffuser, it can be directly inhaled, used in massage oils, perfumes and is ideal for skin care. This oil is completely non-toxic and is safe for all populations. There is a rare allergy to this oil which can occur in a small percentage of the population as it is a distant cousin of ragweed. Veriditas uses Blue Chamomile in almost all of its skin care WELLNESS FORMULAS such as the Eczema treatment, Yeast Infections and the Gingivitis Treatment.

Moroccan Blue Chamomile calms the mind, body and nerves. It is commonly used alone and in synergistic blends to promote sleep and relaxation. In massage oils its effects are multifaceted; it reduces stress and anxiety, promotes healthy skin, reduces pain and inflammation in the muscles, nerves and joints and smells wonderful. Stress is the largest contributor to physical and mental illness in the world, in fact, stress is at epidemic levels in American society causing heart disease, mental illness, fatigue and crushes the immune response. Essential oils especially flower oils like Chamomile are proven to reduce stress and therefore can benefit the whole body.

Moroccan Blue Chamomile is good for calming sadness with Rose, Frankinsence or whatever oil you are drawn to for this. It helps to make us more caring toward ourselves and brings about the spirit of gentleness. Running thoughts, anger, frustration, ADHD and impatience are all cooled by Blue Chamomile. It is very useful for all inflamed emotional states and can help lift us out of grief and sadness. The only thing Blue Chamomile doesn’t provide to our emotional mentality a burst of energy, however calming our running mind and reducing stress hormones can bring great focus to our projects.

Each Chamomile has its own personal scent and chemistry and each will have a slight variance in how it responses to cosmetic skin care, allergies and muscular and skeletal health. German Chamomile is high in Chamazulene, and is used in the best skin care in the world in German and French Cosmetics. Roman chamomile is used as an anti-spasmodic, and used completely differently then the german and blue chamomile, since it is not blue and contains no cham-azulene.

Suggested Uses:

Deep Sleep / Relaxation Blend:

2 drops Moroccan Blue Chamomile

3 drops Lavender or even better Lavender ‘Reserve’

2 drops Rose Geranium

2 drops Ylang Ylang

This is a great blend for a mist diffuser to improve sleep and is amazingly beautiful in baths for relaxation. This blend can be used as a stress reducing massage oil, just add ½ ounce of carrier oil to the above recipe feel free to increase the quantity for a larger batch.

Asthma and antialleric blend:

10 parts Scotch Pine

5 parts Cypress

1 part Moroccan Blue Chamomile

This blend can be used in a diffuser for best results. The same blend can be used with ½ Oz. carrier oil and applied to the upper chest and back.

Anti-inflammatory blend for sunburns and pain:

5 ml Lavender

2 drops Moroccan Blue Chamomile

5 drops Helichrysum

This can be applied topically repeatedly through the day every 2-4 hours to heal sunburns, strains, muscular aches, tendonitis and other trouble with inflammation.

**Due to the preciousness and price of Chamomile, Moroccan Blue essential oil, this 5 ml standard bottle contains 2 ml as noted on the label.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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