Basil Linalol EO 5ml

Basil, Linalol Ocimum basilicum top note Basil is a friend to the digestion! Well-known for its beneficial effect on the digestive system, it also calms nerves and relieves depression and anxiety. Used traditionally in French Medical Aromatherapy for overthinking, overworking, anxiety, fatigue and OCD’s. Used in the Veriditas Mental Clarity Formula, Basil clears the mind and helps stop ruminative thinking and relieves nervous tension. Basil is also used as an antispasmodic. Originally Pesto was a food/medicine made from basil to kill food born bacteria and parasites. Use Basil In cooking to make mouthwatering dishes while supporting digestive health one drop at a time. Try in Pesto, Egg dishes, Pasta Dishes, Salads, or just spicing up your olive oil. These recipes add freshness and stimulate digestive health.

Use in: Bath Compress Diffuser Massage Neat Food Therapeutic BCDMNFT Avoid in pregnancy and epilepsy Use small amounts –use for short period of time

Tips and Trivia If your digestive system feels sluggish or you feel stressed, treat yourself to a massage with 2oz massage oil, 40 drops basil and 10 drops peppermint There are many Basils on the marketplace. Make sure your basil is the linalool type, high in linalool acytate. Other Basils are high in the controversial Methyl Chavicol, Methyl Cinnamate, or Eugenol, which can be toxic or irritating.
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